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Helpful Websites

This list of websites is provided to you as a courtesy. The resources offer information on a variety of topics within the area of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Be aware that not all sites are bibilically based and may contain information, opinions, or conclusions that overtly or covertly pervert or ignor biblical truth and common sense. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to exercise due diligence in appropriately assessing, discerning, and selecting those websites, professionals and or agencies that may be able to help, whether they claim to be Christ centered or not. 

They are NOT intended to serve as, or take the place of necessary and appropriate counseling. 

The list is not exhaustive. Feel free to check back regularly as we attempt to update the list.

If you discover something about yourself or your situation that creates unanswered questions or concerns, please call us for an appointment at 817.812.3021. 

We offer help for today – to create hope for tomorrow!

Photo taken by Dan Graham, Homestead Hope Counseling Services


Mental & Physical Health Links

List of helpful on-line websites.

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Help Websites and Blogs

Multiple Sclerosis
MS Help & Support