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Thanks for familiarizing yourself with our company guidelines. Rest assured that all our policies exist for specific reasons with the primary goal of providing all clients the therapeutic opportunity they need to accomplish their goals. If we do not rise to meet your reasonable expectations, please let us know.

The policies concerning fees and charges can be found on the Counseling Fee page of this website. The office staff nor counselors are authorized to waive or change fees.

Please refrain from wearing or using perfume, cologne, or any scented mist sprays prior to your appointment, as we have discovered that some staff members and clients are highly allergic. 

We ask that you abstain from bringing fast food into the office. It tends to leave a lingering aroma that others don’t necessarily appreciate.

There are various resources offered in the reception area. The pamphlets are free. All other books, CDs, and DVDs are provided for a nominal ‘finder’s fee’ as we do not loan them out. If your counselor recommends a particular resource to facilitate your treatment, please consider that a prescription, of sorts. If we have it available, feel free to pay for it at the reception window via cash, check or credit card. Or, you can likely find it elsewhere if you so choose. It makes no difference to us where you purchase the resource.  What is important is that you follow your counselor’s recommendation and treatment plan.

In order to provide you and others a quiet, focused and confidential therapeutic experience, we ask that parents arrange for at-home childcare for children under the age of 13 unless they are the client and present for their session. We cannot have minors left unattended in the reception area, or anywhere else on the property, while the adults are in session. Unattended children tend to bring unnecessary distraction and liability risk to the counseling center and the property owners.

Leave all pets at home, no matter how cute they may be! Service animals would be the exception.

Scheduled appointment times are not adjusted according to arrival times. Except for the occasional emergency, we attempt to end sessions at the prearranged time.

For inclement weather or any other public emergency where office closure is possible, we will attempt to contact those effected via telephone call or text. We will also place a temporary announcement on our home page at www.homesteadhope.org. Announcements having a longer lasting effect on the counseling center can be found at https://homesteadhope.org/announcements

Thanks very much for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to serving you!