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Mission Statement

What is the primary mission of Homestead Hope Counseling Services?

Scheduling Appointments

Now that I recognize my need for counseling or coaching, what is my first step?

How do I schedule my first appointment?

Can a new patient schedule their first appointment online?

How do I schedule subsequent (non-intake) appointments?

How long are the counseling sessions?

What is multiple scheduling?

If you are not able to serve my needs, can you refer me to someone who can?

How often do I meet with my counselor or coach? And for how long?

Is the intake process different for minor children?

Can I schedule an intake appointment for another adult?


Do you take insurance? If so, which plans?

How do I know which counselors take insurance?

Are all of your providers credentialed with insurance plans?


What does it cost to see a professional counselor?

What type of payment do you accept?

Do you offer a sliding scale?

How can I determine the education, experience level and licensure status of individual therapists or coaches?

What is your cancelation policy?

Who do you Serve?

Do you serve people from various faith or cultural groups?

What age groups does Homestead Hope Counseling serve?


Do you offer coaching as well as counseling?

What is counseling versus coaching?