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Possible Benefits

Services provided by our counselors such as marriage or premarital counseling, grief and loss, anger management or any other emotional or psychological issue are invariably entwined with personal faith in God, more specifically Jesus Christ. Although we at Homestead Hope Counseling serve all people groups regardless of their faith beliefs, our core counseling theory is based on man’s relationship with God. As counselors, we guide clients toward self-evaluation and necessary change. Change is paramount to continued wellness. Without it, counseling is useless. All those involved in the counseling process must be aware however, that change does not normally happen quickly. In fact, ‘real change’ typically comes slowly.

People are capable of choosing a change in their behaviors – as an act of their will, but the actual differences in attitude, spirituality and overall mental health will undoubtedly take time. If we want God to intercede in a particular situation, we must then trust Him to do so in His own timing; not ours. Yet all the while, the client is responsible to take decisive personal actions to actuate the change. God does not carry a magic wand. He works in our lives as we give Him latitude. He will not force Himself on any of us. But as we obey, surrender, and commit each area of ‘self’, He will reveal Himself in that particular area. We include the counselor in this process of client change, as we are not immune to the same challenges that face our patients/clients.

Concerns for Self

Concerns for Relationships

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